Services Provided

Neighbors will do and or arrange for almost any non-medical service, from 1 to 24 hours a day. Our caregivers can help you with:

  • Companion Care

    • We can support you throughout the day with whatever you may need, to remain in your residence. We can prepare meals for you, remind you to take your medications and help you get ready for wherever you’d like to go. We’ll make your bed, do the laundry, wash the dishes, walk the dog, scoop the litter box, and water the plants. We even take the trash out. Overnight support after hospitalization, day surgery or discharge from rehab until you can get back on your feet is one of our specialties.

  • Personal Care

    • Our caregivers can assist you with your personal care. If you need help getting dressed, getting into and out of the shower or putting on your support stockings. We are registered with the state of Maine as a Personal Care Agency.

  • Appointments & Transportation

    • If you are no longer able to drive we can accommodate all of your transportation needs. We do respond to emergency medical appointments and provide door-to-door escort service, no matter where you need to go. Errands, grocery shopping and appointments are our most frequently requested services.

  • Recreational Activities

    • If you like to go shopping, out to lunch, visit with friends, play scrabble, and be read to, let us help you make that happen. We can also help with organizing dinner parties, bridge parties, reunions, outings to the theater, and even fishing,

  • Bookkeeping, Paperwork, Insurance Claims, & Correspondence

    • Don’t let paperwork bog you down. We can balance your checkbook, pay your bills, organize your papers and even file your Long Term Care Insurance Claims. Computer assistance is also on our list of support services.

  • Handyman Chores

    • We can provide handyman and chore services for small projects or recommend reliable professionals for larger projects. We’ve compiled a list of area professionals in various trades and professions. If we can’t meet your needs for the small jobs let us recommend a known reliable professional. We also do house checks year round and we’ll clean out your basement, attic or garage.

  • Downsizing

    • Sometimes it’s necessary to downsize and relocate. Our experienced team of assistants can help make this transition a smooth one.

  • Respite & Safety Care

    • Many of our caregivers are experienced at providing much needed rest for tired and frazzled family members who may need a break.

  • House Checks & Pet Sitting

  • Overnight Companion Care

  • Medication Reminders

  • Other Errands

    And so much more…